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RTD and Thermocouple

  • PT100 Thermocouple RTD Sensor
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    PT100 Thermocouple RTD Sensor

    PT100 thermocouple RTD sensor Thermocouple Thermocouples are used in industry for measuring the temperature of gases, liquids or solid surfaces etc.,It's usually assembled with indicators, recorders or computers. Application:Plastic injection molding machinery,food processing...
  • RTD Type PT100 Thermocouple
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    RTD Type PT100 Thermocouple

    RTD type PT100 thermocouple Features of RTD type thermocouple 1.Material and diameter of sheath will affect temperature range of the thermocouple, i.e. range of thermocouple will be increased with diameter for same sheath material; however, under condition of same diameter, range of therocouple...
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