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Wika Pressure Guage

  • Wika Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge
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    Wika Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge

    wika stainless steel pressure gauge Product Introduction -Highly accurate reading of low pressures -Ranges from -600-0, 0-10 to 600mbar -Zero adjustment through window -For non-corrosive and corrosive gases -According to EN837-3 Application Suitable for measuring gaseous media both corrosive and...
  • Bourdon Tube Wika Gas Pressure Gauge
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    Bourdon Tube Wika Gas Pressure Gauge

    Bourdon tube Wika gas pressure gauge Introduction The gauges are widely used in gas transmitting, liquid tube and vessels,measuring the working pressure of medium such as liquid and gas without danger of explosion,without crystallizing,without freezing and without corrosive function to alloy....
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