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RF Admittance Float Tank Level Meter

RF Admittance Float Tank Level Meter
RF admittance float tank level meter Product Introduction RF admittance level meter is a general type continuous level meter which is developed from the capacitance level meter technology. The meter consists of a electronic unit, a explosion-proof shell and hard or flexible probe elements. The...
Product Details:

RF admittance float tank level meter

Product Introduction

RF admittance level meter is a general type continuous level meter which is developed from the 

capacitance level meter technology. The meter consists of a electronic unit, a explosion-proof shell and hard or flexible probe elements. The sensors have a variety of materials and structures. 

It is widely applied in the level measurement of many medium under complex condition on the basis of 

specific measurement principle and structure.

Key features      


1,Wide versatility: measure liquid, material level; meet requirements of different temperature,

   pressure and medium; be applied to severe conditions, such as corrosion and impact.

2.Anti-hanging material: unique circuit design and sensor structure make measurement not be

   affected by sensor's hanging materials. Do not need regular cleaning. It can avoid erroneous


3.Maintenance-free: no moving parts in the process of measurement so no damage to mechanical

   parts so maintenance-free.

4.Anti-interference: contact measurement, high anti-interference ability. It can overcome influence of

   steam, foam and stir.

5.High accuracy and reliability: diversified measurement methods ensure measurement accurate

   and not be affected by environment. It has high stability and long life-span.




Technical Parameter 


Output signal 4 ~ 20mA
Power Supply 15 ~ 35VDC (1W)
Maximum circuit load 24VDC ,390Ω
Ambient temperature -40 ~ +75 °C
Storage Temperature -40 ~ +85 °C
Environmental humidity less than 98% RH (25 °C )
Response Time 0.5 to 30 seconds. It is adjustable. (90% measurement range changes)
Accuracy ± 1% (under standard conditions)
Temperature Effect 0.25% / 30 °C
Measurement Range maximum 20,000 pF (When the set resistor component is infinite,
it can be expressed by electricity capacity.
Different sensors have different maximum measurement range.)
Barrier Built-in current limiting and quadruple pressure limiting protection barrier
The static spark protection (sensor) anti-surge 1000V,  antistatic 4kV/8kV
RF Protection (built-in filter) The machine injects current to experiment through the space
10V/m electromagnetic field and 3V/m electromagnetic field.
Electrical Interface M20 × 1.5 ( The cable diameter is less than 12mm.)
Process connection NPT thread installation (standard and optional), flange  installation (optional)
Installation Vertical or inclined installation can be chosen.
Electronic unit enclosure protection IP67
Explosion-proof Exd (ia) IICT4


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