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Pipeline Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Pipeline Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Pipeline ultrasonic flow meter Introduction of pipeline ultrasonic flow meter Ultrasonic flow meter that has been manufactured with patent technologies and is equipped with more functions and advanced performance than our previous versions. The Version 13.0 series ultrasonic flow meter has been...
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Pipeline ultrasonic flow meter


Introduction of pipeline ultrasonic flow meter 

  Ultrasonic flow meter that has been manufactured with patent technologies and is equipped with more 

functions and advanced performance than our previous versions.


The Version 13.0 series ultrasonic flow meter has been upgraded based on the Version 10.0 series 

ultrasonic flow meter, which is still the main product line of the company. The new Version 13.0 retains

 most of the excellent features and functions of the previous versions: the pulse measurement technology, 

the ultrasonic igniting and the small signal receiving circuits etc. The main improvements are made on 

the isolation power supply and on the isolation RS485 serial port.


The flow meter incorporates the latest ICs manufactured from the famous semiconductor manufacturers 

like Philips, Maxim, TI, Winbond, and Xilinx. The hardware features the ease of operation, high accuracy 

and outstanding reliability, while the software provides a very user friendly interface and much more 

functions. It employs a patent balanced lower voltage multi-pulse igniting circuit which increases the 

anti interference ability magnificently so that the flow meter will work properly even in demanding industrial 

environments such as those with power frequency transverter working nearby.   


Features of pipeline ultrasonic flow meter

1.High accuracy: Linearity: 0.5%, repeatability:0.2%, accuracy up to ±1%.

2.Non- ontacting measuring: The ultrasonic flow meter will be adsorbed on the outside of pipe, and then finish the 

measuring.   Non-intrusive, clamp-on transducer, no pressure drop, no pipe disturbance.

3.Wide measuring range: Several types transducer for selection, pipe size from DN15mm to DN6000mm

4. Chinese & English menu: Chinese & English display, easy to operate.

5.Large capacity battery: Built-in rechargeable Ni-MH rechargeable battery, provide over 20 hours of continuous operation.

6.Built-in printer: Built-in mini thermal printer with instant and timing print function, also you can print more than 20 kinds of measuring results if you set in advance.

7. Built-in data logger: Uplink over 20 measuring data to computer or Internet.  


The features

high accuracy: accuracy can reached to 1 %.

Wide measuring range: Several types transducer for selection, pipe size from DN15mm to DN6000mm

High reliability: Low voltage, pulse transmission circuit, high measurement accuracy, Improve the service

life and reliability.

Strong anti-interference ability: Adopt double balanced differential signal transmitting and receiving circuit

to resist inverter, television tower, high tension line interference effectively.

Powerful memory function: Automatic memory before 1 2, 5, 2 August 1, before the 1 0 years accumulative total flow, automatic memory before 6 4 times, electricity and traffic, automatic memory before 3


Performance and parameters

Main unit


Time different principle, 4 bytes IEEE754 floating point arithmetic


Flow: be superior to ±1%


Support 4 key magnetic bar operation or 4 key touch keyboard, keyboard simulation software

Signal output

1 way output 4 ~20mA, impedance 0~1K, accuracy 0.1%

1 way OCT pulse output(pulse width is 6~1000ms,the default is 200ms)

1 way relay output

Signal input

3 way input 4~20mA, accuracy is 0.1%, can be collected, such as the temperature, pressure, liquid level signal.

It can connect with 3-wire system PT100, to measure the heat quantity

Data interface

Isolation of RS485 serial interface can through the PC to upgrade Flowmeter. Supported MODBUS.

Special cable

Custom twisted-pair, generally limited to 50 meters; Choose RS485 communications, the transmission distance can reach more than kilometers

Situation of the pipeline

Pipe material

Steel, aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, PVC, FRP etc. All quality of pipeline,allows for the lining.

Internal diameter of pipe


Straight pipe

To meet the sensor installation point, 10 D, downstream 5 D, 30 D to the pump discharge for pipe diameter (D)

Measurement media


Water, sea water, industrial wastewater, acid alkali, alcohol, beer, various oil etc all kinds can conduction a homogeneous liquid of ultrasonic.




10000ppm And the bubble content is small

Flow rate


Work environment


Host :-20~60°C;flow sensor:-30~160°C


Host :85% RH, flow sensor: it can be worked in the water, depth of water≤2m (NOTE: After the glue)

Power supply

DC8~36V or AC85~264V(optional)

Power consumption

1. 5W



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