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Turbine Flow Meter

  • Gas Turbine Flow Meter
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    Gas Turbine Flow Meter

    Gas Turbine flow meter Product Description: Gas turbine flow meter is learned at home and abroad advanced technology to optimaize the desigh, synthesis gas ,mechanics,fluid dynamics, electromagnetic theory and developeda set of temperature, pressure,flow sensors and intelligent flow totalizer in...
  • Liquid Turbine Flow Meter
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    Liquid Turbine Flow Meter

    Liquid Turbine flow meter Turbine flow meter for liquid Feature: 1.Hi-Accuracy 0.2%,0.5%,1% optional. 2.Wearable Tungsten carbonized shaft and bearing,be the same with medium of sully. 3.Erode-resistant Be the same with sea water,ammonia,acetometer,etc 4.Bi-direction Pulse,4~20mADC,total and...
  • Digital Turbine Flow Meter
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    Digital Turbine Flow Meter

    Digital turbine flow meter Introduction With high accuracy, durable life, small volume, M-TEM Flow Meter Series are mainly used to transfer light oil such as diesel, gasoline. Its module design can be used with output module, sensor and long-distance transfers. Other Material like Plastic or...
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