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OGM Diesel Fuel Oval Gear Flow Meter

OGM Diesel Fuel Oval Gear Flow Meter
OGM Diesel fuel oval gear flow meter Specification of diesel fuel flow meter Oval gear flowmeter is a volumetric measuring instruments, mainly by metering housing, oval gear rotor and transmission components. Pipe for continuous or intermittent fluid flow measurement and control instruments. It...
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OGM Diesel fuel oval gear flow meter

Specification of   diesel fuel flow meter 


        Oval gear flowmeter is a volumetric measuring instruments, mainly by metering housing, 

oval gear rotor and transmission components. Pipe for continuous or intermittent fluid flow measurement and 

control instruments. It has a large range, high accuracy, low pressure loss, strong adaptability viscosity, high 

temperature and high viscosity liquids can be measured, calibration convenient, easy to install and so on. 

Applies to crude oil, chemicals, chemical metering, transportation, commerce, food, medicine, industry, 

research and military traffic. Field oval gear flow meter indication cumulative flow, instantaneous flow, 

a single flow, etc., can also be output pulse signal,4-20mA or 1-5V analog signal,4-20mA + HART, 

MODBUS, supporting 232,485 communications. Pu canbatch controller with mechanical or electronic 

batch controller combination, can achieve a variety of functions in different types of filling, batch control

and so on.

OGM oval gear meter/diesel gear meter/fuel flow meter   

-High accuracy

-Easy maintenance

-Compact size

-Easy to read and operate mechanical display

-Horizontally and vertically flexibility of installation options

-Low pressure drop

-variety displays to meet different requirements






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Working Principle




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