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Smart Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Smart Electromagnetic Flow Meter
The Smart Electromagnetic Flow meter is of perfect performance and reliability. Based on the successfully proven smart flow technology of Iota Flow Instruments, the flow meter is widely used in industries of petroleum, chemical engineering, iron and steel, food electric power, papermaking, water treatment,etc.
Product Details:

Smart Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The electromagnetic flowmeter is composed of two parts by electromagnetic flow sensor and electromagnetic flow converter.The operation of an electromagnetic flowmeter is based on Faraday law of electromagnetic induction.The mainly parts of the sensor are: measuring tube,electrode poles,excitation coil,iron core,yoke and housing. The measuring tube of the sensor is a short alloy tube whose diameter is D, the inner surface of it has an insulating liner.Two electrodes are fixed in the measuring tube along with the diameter direction of it and they usually flush with the inner surface liner.When excitation coil pulsed by two-way square wave,there generates a working magnetic field with a flux density B in the vertical direction of the measurement axis.In the meantime,if some electrical conductivity liquid flows at an average velocity V through the measuring tube ,cuts lines of the magnetic field,there generates induced electromotive force E.Electromotive force E is directly proportional to the product of flux density B、measuring tube diameter D and average velocity V,that's: E BVD. Electromotive force E(flow signal) is measured by the electrodes and transmitted to transducer through cable.After the transducer handles the flow signal by magnifying it, the flow and total amount can be displayed,also will output pulse and analog current etc.


Technical parameters of whole flowmeter and sensor:

Chart 1

Carried Standard



Max.Flow Velocity



±0.5% of indicating value(flow velocity 0.8m/s); ±4mm/s(flow velocity<0.8m/s )

Fluid Conductivity


Nominal Pressure





6.3,10MPa etc.





Special Ordering

Lining Material

PTFE,Poly neoprene,Polyurethane,F46,PFA with net


-25 deg.C~+60 deg.C

Convertor and integrated type

-10 deg.C~+60 deg.C

Fluid Max.Temperature

Integrated type

70 deg.C

Separated type

Poly Neoprene Lining

80 deg.C;120 deg.C(notes in order)

Polyurethane Lining

80 deg.C

PTFE Lining

100 deg.C;150 deg.C(notes in order)

FEP Teflon

PFA with net

Material of signal electrode and ground electrode

SS316L,HastelloyB,HastelloyC,Ti,Ta,Platinum-iridium alloy,Stainless steel coating with tungsten carbide

Electrode drawknife apparatus


Connection flange material

Carbon steel

Connection ring material

Stainless steel1Cr18Ni9Ti

Enclosure protection

ND15~DN3000 separated sensor with rubber or PU lining

IP65 or IP68

Integrated(rounded converter)


Other sensors and separated converter


Explosion proof sensor and converter


Spacing(separated type)

Normally the separation distance between converter and sensor is less than 100m,if more please order specially.(Note: our company provide 10m length standardly,if need more, please indicate the length in order, and the cost will be add more)

Output of analog current

0~10mA     load resistance 0~1.5Ω

4~20mA     load resistance 0~750Ω

Frenquency output


Pulse output

Separated type output by two way: forward and reverse flow; integrated type output one way

Frenquency range:0~5KHz,uper limit 1~5 optionally

Square wave or pulse with 25ms pulse width

Transistor switch output with isolation protection,can absorb 250mA current and withstanding 35V voltage

Two-path alarm output

Alarmable(programable)high/low flow,blank pipe,fault condition,forward and reverse flow,simulation volume exceeds range,pulse volume exceeds range,disconnect pulse small signal

Transistor switch output with isolation protection,can absorb 250mA current and withstanding 35V voltage(Not isolated with pulse output)

Digital communications

RS232,RS485,HART(add specially)

Explosion proof mark

Integration ExdeiaⅡCT4

Separated Exd[ia] ⅡCT4(converter)     ExdeiaⅡCT4(sensor)

Type Selection

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