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Emerson 475 Hart Field Communicator

Emerson 475 Hart Field Communicator
Emerson 475 Hart field communicator Product Introduction The Emerson Process Management 475 Field Communicator establishes the new standard for handheld communicators. With a full color user interface, powerful diagnostic capabilities, and fast start up and operating times, the Emerson Process...
Product Details:

Emerson 475 Hart field communicator

Product Introduction

The Emerson Process Management 475 Field Communicator establishes the new standard for 

handheld communicators. With a full color user interface, powerful diagnostic capabilities, and fast 

start up and operating times, the Emerson Process Management 475 Field Communicator will power 

your experience and simplify your work in the field.

The Emerson Process Management 475 Field Communicator supports all HART®, FOUNDATION™ 

fieldbus, and Wireless HART™ devices and is intrinsically safe so it can go wherever you go.

Simplify your work in the field with the the intrinsically safe, rugged 475 Field Communicator. This

built-for-purpose handheld communicator delivers universal support for HART and Foundation

Fieldbus devices, a full-color graphical user interface, and a long-lasting Lithium-Ion power module.

It is designed to withstand the knocks and shocks from normal use in the field.


Full-color graphical user interface supports graphs, charts, gauges and pictures for quicker diagnosis

Gain powerful device diagnostics in the field to enable troubleshooting

Long-lasting Lithium-Ion power module delivers days - not hours - of power

Universal support for HART, WirelessHART, and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices

ValveLink Mobile application delivers advanced field diagnostics for Fisher FIELDVUE digital valve controllers

Localized language support for English, German and Russian

Easy Upgrade delivers the ability to keep your system software and device drivers updated through the web

Bluetooth communication speeds transfer of information

Host System Interoperability gives you flexibility



Emerson Process Management 475 Field Communicator Specifications


80 MHz Hitachi SH3

Memory internal flash

32 MB

System card

1 GB secure digital card


32 MB


App. 1.65 lb (0.75 kg) w/battery


1/4 VGA (240 x 320 px) color, 3.5 in (8,9 cm) transreflective display w/touchscreen, anti-glare coat


25 keys including 4 action keys, 12 alphanumeric keys, tab key, function key, backlight key, power key, 

and 4 cursor-control (arrow) keys; membrane design with tactile feedback


Rechargeable lithium-ion power module

Battery operating time

20 hours - continuous use
40 hours - typical use
80 hours - standby mode

Battery charger options

Input voltage 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Cables included with US, Europe, and UK plugs

Battery charger

Min DIN 6-pin jack

HART and Fieldbus

Three 4mm banana plugs (one common to HART and Foundation fieldbus)

IrDA Port

IrDA (Infrared Data Access) port supporting up to 115 Kbps
±15 degrees recommended maximum angle from center line
App. 18 in recommended maximum distance


Up to 32.8 ft (10 m) communication distance
Uses standard Windows drivers 
FCC, IC and CE approvals


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